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About The Surf Series Course

Welcome to the Surf Series Training Course. This virtual program was custom designed to teach individuals how to become better surfers. Unlike an in-person course, this course can be taken from anywhere, making it a convenient option for those who may not have access to a surf school or beach location. The course consists of a series of video tutorials, written materials, and interactive exercises that cover a range of topics, such as equipment selection, wave forecasting, ocean safety, and surfing techniques.

With this online surfing course, students can learn at their own pace and have the ability to revisit materials as often as needed.

Improve Your Surfing: Easy to follow course with everything you need to know to start ripping.

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Techniques you will learn are:

Faster Paddling Power
Surfing Fitness
Reading the Surf Report
Board Selection + Volume
Surfing Etiquette
Improving Style
Generating More Speed
Stretching Techniques

Surf Series Course Outline

10 Sections, 21 Lessons

John Smith

Global Explorer, Surfer

Splitting equal time between Oregon and California growing up, I was exposed to the various climates and cultures of the entire west coast — snow covered volcanos to the the north, with warmer beaches to the south. Luckily, I discovered skateboarding early on, followed by snowboarding and then surfing, which brought purpose to my surroundings. Now I teach surfing for a living and live out of my van.

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